Johnnys Talk: Johnnys and Matrimony + Relationships

Johnnys Talk: Johnnys and Matrimony + Relationships

We in the Johnnys fandom have heard regarding the Jin Akanishi’s recent relationship in order to Kuroki Meisa early in March and it’s been a fairly scorching situation just like the. Why is that? This should seem like simply relaxed rumors that you will find on the papers regarding the a-listers in the usa, however in the realm of Johnnys, and you may Eastern-Far-eastern idols, it is a big deal. Some people has actually questioned, “Just why is it such as for example a problem?” and also the question for you is hard to address, unless you’re accustomed the globe work generally. I desired which Johnnys Keep in touch with become regarding the Johnnys and you can Wedding because of Jin’s previous relationships and to shine white into a good section of the disease that numerous international fans, like me, wouldn’t learn. I won’t be these are Jin’s relationship specifically, however, speaking of how the marriage ceremonies away from Johnnys (and you will Eastern-Far-eastern idols) are different than the erican/ western celebrities as well as how I understand Johnnys to acquire married.


Before getting toward relationship and you may matchmaking, I believe it is important to give an explanation for management system off idols about eastern. I mentioned which a past Johnnys Chat article, but most idols (and you may a-listers) for the Eastern Asia is managed by a company. It company will act as an intermediary amongst the idol as well as the people that need the idol having perform, including do the newest overall plan and you can whatever they perform due to their work due to the fact an enthusiastic idol. When i know it, west a-listers don’t possess a company, but simply an employer or an advertising person who interacts that have the push and you can mediates between individuals that want to do team using them. In the Eastern China, this new idol are certain to get an employer even so they just carry out brand new day to day activities of your own idol, maybe not actually give the idol work. Addititionally there is a whole ladder out-of administration for big agencies instance Johnnys, and perhaps the talents cannot need her individual movie director, but a team director as an alternative. It is the agency’s work so you can designate work to the fresh idols that comes in out-of additional source, in addition to assign benefit the brand new core away from what they perform, which is in a singing group.

Guidelines and you can Photo

And administration from the a company appear tight legislation, which includes laws and regulations in the dating and you will relationships. It is not only Johnnys, but most idol teams and skill organizations, though for each your legislation will vary. AKB48 as well as the almost every other organizations regarding the “48” also provide such legislation. For people who crack such legislation, you will end up kicked out of the classification or “asked in order to resign”. Johnnys isn’t as well tight on relationship regarding providing kicked out of the company, however they are questioned to store the latest dating really individual and out of the public eye. In the event that an effective Johnnys was trapped relationships, quite often it might be refused additionally the agency (towards one another parties’ part) usually discharge an official declaration that they’re simply friends, even when that is correct or not. Johnnys does not get kicked outside of the agencies because of one to, but almost every other skill agencies is stricter. The same goes having relationship, however, there are many more rigid legislation about that in the Johnnys. Everything has to endure the new institution concerning your talent you to definitely they do, out-of assigning performs, in order to who they are relationships, assuming they are going to get married. Why are here all these laws and regulations and exactly why does that which you have to go through the agencies? It is all about visualize.

An idol’s (and celebrity’s) picture is everything in Japan, and you will East China. What service the fresh idol joins is even an indication on which version of picture one idol is meant to portray. In the case of Johnnys, they are said to be good-looking, clean cut dudes that seem for you personally to all or any feminine. The primary here is “hunt for you personally to feminine”. How do an excellent Johnnys take a look for you to all or any women when he is matchmaking some body or perhaps is partnered? That is my personal providers college student top being released, exactly what if it visualize try stained of the matchmaking some one otherwise engaged and getting married? You to idol is no longer marketable for the department. If an idols isn’t really valuable more, rendering it harder with the department locate operate getting the fresh new idol, meaning that he could be remaining individuals on that cannot generate all of them currency. Very, the newest idol need certainly to adhere to these types of regulations and rules otherwise exposure become a responsibility toward company. It is harsh, yes, but controlling idols remains a corporate.


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